Buckle Pretensioner Repair

Part of the seat belt assembly located on the buckle side

Buckle Pretensioner Repair

Is the Air bag light ON due to buckle pretensioner problems? As part of the seat belt assembly, this side should also be repaired. We fix and rebuild the buckle pretensioners of all makes. Using our proprietary best practises and parts to ensure the quality of your repairs will keep you and your passengers safe.

The mechanical and electronic mechanisms in seat belt assemblies are complex. We fix the seat belt retractors, anchor pretensioners, tensioners, and buckles. Our Chief Technical Officer has developed strict quality and safety protocols to ensure your repairs are done right. We don't take short cuts. On each service, we inspect, replace, and repair every component in your single, dual, and triple stage assemblies, every time. Our reputation and your safety depend on it.

If you want to know more, please visit our blog How to remove your seat belts. You could also probably need the Airbag Module Reset. If you want to know more give us a call.


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See what our real customers are saying about us!

  • R Dingo

    11 Jul 2022

    Recommend for any SRS servicing. This is the 3rd time I have used them for repair/service. Very knowledgeable and great customer service. Highly recommend.

  • Jeje Kaboyo

    24 Jun 2022

    Really helpful and professional, I would highly recommend them .

  • Cody Lafond

    18 Jun 2022

    Professional, friendly, and willing to go above and beyond. They were able to bring my car to another shop down the road so that I didn't have to make two separate trips to the area. Very much appreciated and the seatbelt webbing work itself was fantastic.

  • Kayla

    09 May 2022

    I had a fantastic experience and I'd highly recommend Safe and Smart Drive. The team is professional, friendly and provide quick service. I couldn't be happier with my new coloured belts.

  • Bill Black

    05 May 2022

    Great service and friendly people. Roman and Mario are there to help!!!


    07 Apr 2022

    My clients and friends knows, I'm standing behind my words and they are always backed up by personal experience. Can not express how grateful I'm to Safe and Smart Drive Canada for the service they provided! Long story short: I'm been looking for new/used car and every potential purchase I brought to Safe and Smart Drive Canada for diagnostic and 2nd opinion! Folks been very helpful in finding flaws that otherwise would cost me a lot of many. The most important for me was that the cars I brought all had perfect Carfax and all been Certified preowned that means the should have no issues! The reality is that everyone is so focused on making more money that usually no one cares about the client. From day 1 I felt that Safe and Smart Drive Canada is there for me. Focused to provide me with most accurate information! Thank you!

  • Theresa Chong

    29 Mar 2022

    Safe and Smart were prompt in all their replies and they provided a seamless transaction from the very beginning to the end. I was not expecting my belts to come back so fast, but Safe and Smart delivered and have gone above and beyond! Thanks for all the fantastic work!!

  • Brian Danyluk

    23 Dec 2021

    We were referred to Roman and their company by a previous patron. They went above and beyond to diagnose and repair the issue with new age technology and an obvious old fashion work ethic. Highly recommend these guys, they are excellent at what they do!!!!!

  • D Lu

    29 Nov 2021

    I found out about Safe and Smart Drive Canada when we were having trouble finding a driver's seatbelt with webbing that was acceptable to an insurance inspection. Our repair shop tried to find one with no success and I spent hours looking for one. I had contacted Safe and Smart Drive and received an email back very quickly from Roman. When we finally found a seatbelt whose webbing could be repaired we sent it to Safe and Smart Drive. We are in Lethbridge, AB, the seatbelt was from Calgary, AB and of course Safe and Smart Drive is in Winnipeg. I had not seen the seatbelt from Calgary and when it arrived at Safe and Smart Drive it was the passenger seatbelt, not the driver's seatbelt as I had been told it was! The gentlemen at Safe and Smart Drive knew the effort I'd already been to to find that one and they went way above and beyond to find us another seatbelt from Winnipeg!! We were more than grateful! They repaired the seatbelt very quickly and sent it back to our repair shop. I have highly recommended them to our repair shop and would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services! This company is the best of the best!

  • Michael Faulkner

    04 Nov 2021

    These guys are great! They had quick turn around time and provided constant communication during the process. They where polite and professional, happy with the service provided!

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We can support your specific needs. Just let us know by email or phone. We can discuss special freight options, turn aorund time needs, undetermined problems or any other concern you may have.

On occasion there are components inside your air bag module that become damaged and require replacing. In these instances, we want to ensure we have those parts and components in stock to ensure a speedy turn around for you.

Call us to +1 204 777 0230. We will troubleshoot the problem with you over the telephone. There are several reasons why the light may remain on, so we'll work with you to diagnose the issue - free of charge.

Once it arrives on our doorstep, we get most of the airbag modules and seat belts back to you within 24-72 hours! If we can’t – as sometimes we diagnose something more in-depth or problematic – we’ll call you immediately. We’ll keep in touch with you confirm your delivery date.

If you have already filled in the online payment form then simply put the seat belts and / or the airbag module in a box, seal it up and that’s it. Once UPS arrives they will label it for you and whisk it away to us. If you want to write us a personal note and include it in the box, about you, your dog or your car, that you think will brighten our day – go ahead! We’ll return the favour!

Ship them to our address or drop them off if you’re in the Winnipeg area. Please go to our Contact and Shipping page to know more.

If you are in the Winnipeg area, we will remove and reinstall your assembly if you want us to do it for an additional fee. Or you can remove it yourself - it’s not too difficult to do. Simply follow the setps on the guide at our Blog on How to remove your seat belts.

If you are in the Winnipeg area, we will remove and reinstall your modulle if you want us to do it for an additional fee. Or you can remove it yourself - it’s not too difficult to do. Simply follow the steps in the guide at our Blog on How to remove your air bag module safely.

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